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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Why Not Just Outsource The War Altogether? has an exclusive report from Iraq about Halliburton's foreign workers. Just when you didn't think Halliburton couldn't get any more sleazy...

The company can't hire workers fast enough to fulfill their commitments, but the pay scales fluctuate wildly depending on the country of citizenship of the employee. Americans, who work at dead-end, low-wage jobs at home, get paid handsomely even by US standards. Iraqi salaries start at $100 a month and imported South Asian workers get three times that. Meanwhile Halliburton is being investigated by the US military for overcharging US taxpayers to the tune of at least $16 million.

...When people put corporate profits above the well being of their country and their own soldiers, they're war profiteers, foremost among them is Vice President Cheney, the most corrupt VP ever.

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