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Sunday, March 14, 2004

So Long, 'Coalition of the Willing'

"...Voters ousted Spain's ruling party in elections Sunday, with many saying they were shaken by bombings in Madrid and furious with the government for backing the Iraq war and making their country a target for al-Qaida.

The Socialist Party declared victory with 79 percent of the votes counted, as results showed it winning 164 seats in the 350-member parliament and the ruling Popular Party taking 147. The latter had 183 seats in the outgoing legislature...A handful of young protesters screamed ``murderer'' at Mariano Rajoy, the ruling party candidate for prime minister, as he cast his vote in an elementary school outside Madrid. ``We did not want to go to war!'' they shouted."

I can't wait to see how Katherine Kersten is going to somehow construe this as an indication that Bush is winning the "War on Terra"...May I suggest the title "Eritrea's Got Us Covered"?

Maybe the "activist/writer" will organize a protest against swanky suburban tapas bars as a protest against the socialist Spaniards.


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