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Monday, April 19, 2004

Nothing New Under The Sun

It was completely obvious to anyone paying attention in 2001-2002 that war would be the first resort of the Bush Administration.

The rest of the world is mystifed that we're only now figuring this out. The fact is that it's only when Republicans such as Paul O'Neil, John McCain, Richard Clarke, Gen. Anthony Zinni, Joseph Wilson, et. al. begin to point out that the emperor has no clothes that Americans begin to listen.

Oh save us, brave republican whistleblowers! Save us, for we are but weak and timid liberals writing our objections with a finger in the river!

It's time for liberals with cajones.

The Republican war cheerleaders aren't the only ones who deserve to get the boot this fall. The mamby-pamby democratic congressmen and women who "went along to get along" for the sake of job security despite the objections of millions deserve a smackdown, as does the
corporate cocksmooching media that stifled the voices of dissent.

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