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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Women Are Scary

Only once in my life has my penis provided input which has helped me to make a wise decision...Now that I'm happily married, I see no reason to keep him in the decision-making loop.

In the year 2000, Christin Summers wrote a provocative book entitled "The War Against Boys" that galvanized the educational community and forced it to reconsider issues of gender in the classroom.

The women's rights movement worked tirelessly to ensure educational opportunites for young women in the latter half of the 20th Century. It was a tremendous success story. In fact, today women out-perform men by most measures of educational accomplishment...Of course, not everyone sees this accomplishment in a positive light.

To many, women are downright scary. They want what we have: preferential positions in society.

Summers writes:

"A review of the facts shows boys, not girls, on the weak side of an education gender gap. The typical boy is a year and a half behind the typical girl in reading and writing; he is less committed to school and less likely to go to college. In 1997 college full-time enrollments were 45 percent male and 55 percent female. The Department of Education predicts that the proportion of boys in college classes will continue to shrink".

To Summers and her colleagues at the American Enterprise Institute, this data requires a modern-day Paul Revere to reverse this alarming trend. It's a win-lose situation; successful women mean unsuccessful men. They view the success of women as the byproduct of systematic favoritism within the educational establishment, and they criticize teachers for having a lower threshold of tolerance for typically male behavior.

So women are currently outperforming men...What's so disturbing about that? Why the hand wringing?
It's not their fault boys can't adapt. Survival of the fittest. What's that matter, guys? Can't you handle a little girl?

What could be the worst possible scenario here? Females in positions of power? Female CEOs, Bishops, and Presidents? In every occupation, almost everywhere in the world, women have proven they can lead as well or better than their male counterparts.

If Summers read the data and found that men were 10% more successful than women, would she be up in arms, or would she attribute it to the "positive male virtues" she trumpets?

When women or minorities become successful, conservatives attribute it to bias in the educational system. When a silver spoon with a "C" average becomes president, they're enamoured with this personification of their ideals and refuse to acknowledge the "affirmative action" that wealth, skintone, and foreskins provide.

In the year 2025, only the brightest and best white men will succeed. If we artifically adapt the classroom to their strengths, we're only setting them up for failure in the "real world", aren't we?

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