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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Running Out of Legs To Stand On

So here is the way the WMD issue has panned out:

Hans Blix said they have no WMDs. The Administration bleated, "Blix is biased! Blix is incompetent!" Blix is out of the picture.

David Kay replaces Blix on the Iraq Survey Group. After spending millions, he concludes there are no WMDs. The Administration bleated, "Kay is biased! Kay is incompetent!" David Kay is out of the picture.

Charles Duelfer replaces David Kay on the Iraq Survey Group. After spending millions, he concludes there are no WMDs.

How could anyone still think we were justified in invading Iraq?

Because this is a "fair and balanced" blog, I'd like to showcase the Neoconservative response via Powerlineblog.

The Neoconservative Response:

Powerlineblog makes the following points:

Point One: No wonder it was hard for our intelligence agencies, and other countries', to get accurate information about Iraq's weapons. Even Iraq's own military commanders didn't know whether the WMDs existed or not.

Following that train of thought, should we then invade any country where military commanders are unsure about the presence of WMDs?

Point Two: Saddam was determined to produce weapons of mass destruction.

Following that train of thought, should we attack every country that is determined to produce WMDs?

Point Three: If Saddam could produce mustard gas within a few days, or at most a few months, then the existence or non-existence of stockpiles is a moot point.

In hammering home this point, he concludes with the anectdotal account of a reader, Harrison Coulter, who explains how easy it is to make Mustard Gas:

"In 1979 I was doing synthetic organic research as an undergraduate. One of the projects I worked on used mustard gas as a precursor. I think it took an hour or two to cook it up. Of course, I was working in 600ml beaker conditions, not production environments, but as I remember, the stuff is so easy to make that if you had the containers and raw materials, ramp up could take all afternoon".

So, virtually everyone can produce Weapons of Mass Destruction. The only logical conclusion is that we should invade everyone!

Let's see a show of hands...Are you convinced? If you follow that logic, vote Bush and get ready to invade the next 90 countries on earth! Army recruiters are on standby waiting to take your call.

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