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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Maybe We Deserve It

...Eric Alterman via Bartop:

While America obsessed about Brittany's shaved head, Bush offered a budget that offers $32.7 billion in tax cuts to the Wal-Mart family alone, while cutting $28 billion from Medicaid.
Now, after she shaved her head, it's the question being asked by her fans, her foes and the general public: What was she thinking?" -- Inside Britney's Head, Sheila Marikar,, Feb. 19
What was she thinking? How about nothing? How about who gives a shit? How's that for an answer, Sheila Marikar of ABC news, you pinhead?

Eric, I'm not sure that Americans really desperately want to know about Britney more than the issues that impact them personally. If you look up the most popular blogs on technorati, you may have Perez Hilton, but sites like the Huffington Post are just as popular--sure, when a pop star flashes the beev, all the perverts race to their search engines the next morning, but that's fortunately not the whole picture.

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