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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Doing My Best To Help Dan Savage...

If you don't understand the posting, do a web search for "santorum" or read The Onion--there's a link to the right.

October 30th: The UK Independent reports Bush will visit England.
November 6th: First Mention of alleged sex scandal involving Prince Charles appears in the Washington Post.
November 10th: MSNBC announces that Bush will be staying at Buckingham Palace.

Coincidence? Hardly. There has to be an explanation why transatlantic relations are holding up despite strong British distaste for Bush...

My prediction:
November 23rd: A mole from the Guardian, having infiltrated Buckingham Palace disguised as a maid, will accuse Prince Charles of hanky-panky with George and Laura. The charges will be strenuously denied.

November 24th: During a dramatic press conference attended by all the world's top news agencies, a bedsheet stained with copious amounts of santorum will be produced, thereby proving their elicit affair.
November 25th: Senator Rick Santorum will strongly object to the use of the term "santorum" in this posting.

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