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Thursday, December 04, 2003


On November 22nd, Jay Leno received the first annual Floggie Award for his gratuitous use of Clinton sex joxes three years into the Dubya presidency...I now realize that my Clinton's Cock Joke Pool was fundamentally flawed. I owe you an apology. Here is what I published on Nov. 22nd:

The Unofficial Tonight Show Clinton's Cock Joke Pool...
Clinton's been out of office for three years, but the Administration's court jester can't keep his mind off the Clinton's crotch! Jay Leno is The Shameless Antagonist's 2003 Horse Flogger of the Year. Congratulations on your Floggie, Jay! Honorable Mention goes to Dubya "Weapons of Mass Destruction"Bush and Ahnuld "36 Billion Dollar Deficit" Schwartzenegger...

Here's how it works...
This coming week, set up a Clinton Cock Joke Pool with your friends and neighbors. Try to guess how many jokes about Clinton's sex life Jay will make next week. At the end of the week, in true Republican fashion, the winner takes all. My prediction: four Clinton jokes, two Monicas, and three Hillaries.

The flaw in the design of this pool is that I'm encouraging you to waste your time watching this trainwreck of a television show.

Last night I watched Jay's monologue, and Jay made not one, but two Clinton sex jokes, both of which received a lukewarm response from the audience. While I dearly like to know how often he makes Clinton jokes each week, I can't encourage you to bear this burden...A mind is a terrible thing to waste on Jay Leno.

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