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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Don't Take The Bait

Sure, the President couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel, but there are plenty of zealous underlings eager to curry favor, many of them well versed in covert operations.

George Bush Sr. was the head of the CIA for many years, and if ever there was a goverment willing to deceive the people to consolidate political power, this is it. It may seem that the administration has been battered since the O'Neil book hit the shelves, and the recent resignation of Kay pretty much nails the WMD case shut.

Nevertheless, I predict serveral October surprises. Remember that you saw it here. My sources say that Osama Bin Laden may actually be in U.S. custody in an undisclosed location, and I'm sure that covert ops could very easily plant credible evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction--they can just use the same stuff Rumsfeld sold Iraq in the '80's...If they forget whether it was the Ames, Iowa strain or the Ft. Dietrich, MD strain, they can simply ask Rummy to look at the receipts.

Right now, the Republican strategy is to concentrate on the divisive social issues such as gay marriage and late term abortions and avoid discussing the war and the economy. It seems that the correct Democratic strategy should be hammering away at these two issues...I'm not so sure anymore...

If the war and the economy prove to be, as I suspect, variables the administration can manipulate, the Democrats will be in trouble in November. Because of this, candidates need to attack the broad spectrum of Bush's disdain for the average American. We need to pinpoint how untrustworthy and scandal-ridden this administration has been since day one; we need to hear about arsenic in drinking water, the gutting of the clean air act, the deficit, the number of American jobs going overseas, etc. If the nominee fails to do so, we'll be taken out at the knees.

What do you think?

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