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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Doug Haines For U.S. Congress

Isn't this the type of guy you'd like to send to congress? Please visit Doug's site and help him if you can!

"... in 1992 Doug returned to Athens and founded Georgia Legal Watch, a nonprofit public-interest law firm devoted to protecting our rights to a clean environment and to open, democratic government. Doug’s breakthrough at Legal Watch came in 1994, when he sued to compel the state to enforce anti-pollution laws to clean up Georgia’s rivers. Doug won the case, and as part of the settlement received $300,000 earmarked to help him provide Georgia’s communities with free legal help in environmental disputes".

Doug Haines For Congress

Campaign literature quote:It's one of the most Democratic seats in the country, but Georgia¹s 12th District is currently held by a Republican. The Republicans and their special-interest donors have been AWOL on every issue important to us. Help a progressive Democrat, Doug Haines, take our fight to Congress.

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