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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Her Husband's a Bigot, But She Loves That Hot Lesbian Action

I can't make this stuff up...

Everybody remembers Al Franken skewering the hamfisted prose of smug, self-righteous Bill O'Reilley's soft-porn pulp fiction novel "Those Who Trespass", but who knew that Lynne Cheney once penned her own scandalous tome several years before her husband decided to crusade against same-sex marriages?

"Lynne Cheney's still-remembered 1981 lesbian romance novel, "Sisters," was feted Monday night in a special performance by the "Lynne Cheney Players" - to the delight of an audience of liberal East Village types.
The performance at the New York Theatre Workshop was part of a celebration of left-leaning radio personality Laura Flanders' new book, "Bushwomen: Tale of a Cynical Species."

Yesterday, Flanders told Lowdown that Cheney's novel "is a breathy, gothic romance, horribly written. It's celebrating lesbian love and promotes the value of preventative devices, condoms, to women who want to remain free. It features a woman who has unmarried sex with the widow of her sister - all this by Lynne Cheney, the culture warrior of the right..."

It's a well-known fact that Cheney's daughter is a lesbian, but Lynne is tight-lipped on the subject--obviously at the request of her husband. What a keeper! Submissive, docile, and turned on by hot lesbian action...Maybe I shoulda married a conservative...Or maybe I should just write "hot lesbian action" again so that my hit counter starts spinning like a top.
Read the NY Daily News Story

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