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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Becoming Russ Kick

Russ Kick of is under attack. The Drudge Report is one of many right wing websites out to crucify Kick for publishing photos of caskets returning from Iraq. He obtained the photos by making a Freedom of Information Act request.

The Administration would prefer to hide the true cost of war, and they fear that photos soldiers returning in flag-draped coffins could be harmful for the Bush re-election campaign.

This is just one example of things that the government would prefer that you did not know about, and the corporate mass media is all too happy to comply.
John W. Dean in his book "Worse Than Nixon", argues that this is an administration with a penchant for secrecy that belies a contempt for the democratic process. Case in point: the revelation that 700 million was diverted from the funds allocated for the war in Afghanistan. While President Bush was proclaiming that "war was a last resort", Tommy Franks was preparing to invade Iraq. We can't trust them 'em as we can throw 'em.

Wouldn't it be great if Bloggers took the Spartacus track, and responded by using his approach to obtain information via the Freedom of Information Act?
If ten thousand bloggers would stand up and say "I'm Russ Kick", this attempt to discredit those who search for the truth will fail.

Here at the Shameless Antagonist, we're all about empowering...You too can research via the freedom of information act, and I'm here to tell you how.

The Reporter's Committee for a Free Press ( has a site explaining how citizens can make FOIP requests.

I'm using their template letter to request information right now, and you can too. If you would like some suggestions for research topics, feel free to contact me...

Learn How To Use The Freedom of Information Act

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