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Sunday, May 09, 2004

The Ugly Canadian

If you're planning to travel in Asia, and you intend to conteract the image of the "ugly American" with your shining example of cultural sensitivity, open-mindedness, and proper behavior, forget about it.

You're doomed to failure.

The reason is "the ugly Canadian"...I'm not saying that all Canadians are boorish nuckle-draggers--some of them are, but no more than in any other country.

They're on to you...To the rest of the world, the only Canadian asshole is an American pretending to be a Canadian by sewing a maple leaf on his backpack.

Any white-skinned jerk getting in a barfight, talking loudly in a quiet subway, or turning up his nose at the locals is assumed to be from the United States.

The world is done kissing your ass abroad. Take the maple leaf off your backpack and deal with it.

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