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Monday, April 26, 2004

The Non-Issue Parade

The Bush re-election campaign is in the midst of an non-issue parade that insults the intelligence of the American public. It's enough to make one question, in the manner of Rocky Balboa "Is that all you got"? The difference is that Kerry is unbowed and unbloodied.

Non-issue #1: Kerry's military service. They're actually questioning his war record. Never, ever, question a soldier's war record. If some poor kid from Indiana finds himself in a "free fire zone", question the strategy, not the soldier following orders. I'm not saying that "I was just following orders" is an excuse for any behavior, but it takes unmitigated gall to question whether Kerry has enough shrapnel in his leg to justify a purple heart. This issue should have no traction, yet there it is, leading the headline news.

Non-issue #2: Kerry's pro-choice voting record--should he be allowed to take communion? A little reductio ad absurdum nullifies this issue--should pro death penalty Catholics also be excommunicated? What about those Catholics who use birth control? Absurd! It should be a non-issue, but there it is, leading the news on Good Morning America.

Bush can count on the pandering media to puff up the non-issues...

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