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Saturday, November 22, 2003

The Republican Political Strategy: Undermine Democracy

Voter turnout last midterm election (2002): 40%

We now have a Republican house, senate, juiciary, executive, and media...Coincidence?

Republicans don't think so....

"It's all about look for a message that gets your voters to the polls on election day. But it has to be well thought out, because you don't want to stir up your opponent's voters. You want them to stay home." - Frank Luntz, Republican pollster and Newt Ginrich Apostle


Low voter turnout ALWAYS favors the right! It's part of every Republican campaign strategy in the country to keep voter turnout low (even to the point of disenfrachising black voters in Florida). Why do you think Arnold won his special recall election? Low voter turnout. Does any Republican actually believe he could have won a regular election? Even though the majority of Americans hold liberal views, the Republicans always win elections. The problem with this country is not that we have too many Rush Limbaugh drones, the problem is that the Liberals aren't willing to put up a fight...And where has it gotten us?

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