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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Liberal Talking Points: Morality

President Bush campaigned as the man who would restore integrity to the White House. Republicans consider themselves the party of 'family values'. Democrats have conceded this rhetorical territory to the right, and I resent it.

I don't mean to suggest that Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, and Dennis Kuchinich start slinging mud, but it would behoove democratic strategists to challenge Republicans on their claims. Why don't Democrats do this, you ask? One reason could be that low voter turnout always favors Republicans. Democratic candidates would prefer to roll with a few punches rather than come across as negative. That's where we come in. We must carry this particular ball for candidates. We don't need to stoop to their level; we shouldn't call them sleazebags or imply impropriety. All we need to do is read the papers and ask questions, then compare and contrast. It's easy! Try it!

Do you remember the following story?
Bush Family Babysitter Killed in Fairfax

Sunday, October 5, 2003; Page C03

A babysitter for the family of Marvin Bush was found dead Monday night outside the family's Fairfax County home, and police said that she had been crushed when her car rolled into her, pinning her between the vehicle and an outbuilding on the property.

Fairfax County police said Bertha Champagne, 62, had worked for several years for Marvin Bush, President Bush's brother, and lived at the family home on Fort Hunt Road in the Alexandria section of Fairfax.

Officer Courtney Young, a police spokeswoman, said Champagne had gone outside the house about 9 p.m. Monday, reportedly to retrieve something from her car.

The vehicle had been in gear, police said, and appeared to have rolled in her direction when Champagne was in front of it.

After pinning Champagne, Young said, the car continued rolling toward Fort Hunt Road, near the intersection of Edgehill Drive.

Champagne was taken to an area hospital and declared dead that evening. Young said she did not know the cause of death.

So let's see, there's a mysterious death at the house of the president's brother...Hmmm...I wonder how Fox would have covered this if this were Roger Clinton's house rather than the stately Marvin Bush estate? Notice how I haven't donned a tinfoil helmet as I'm writing this; I don't jump to conclusions and assume any wrongdoing on the part of the president's brother, nor do I imply any scandal. And that's the point; I don't have to.

The strategy: Observe. Question. Compare and Contrast. Cite.

Now you try it!

Step One: Observe. Read about Neil Bush's divorce trial.
Step Two: Question. Ask your conservative friends what they think about this.
Step Three: Compare and Contrast: Compare Neil Bush's behavior to the president's pledge to restore honor to the White House.
Step Four: Cite. The above citation is from the Washington Post, October 5th (the best citation you can possibly use to defend your position is a citation from Fox News).

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