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Saturday, December 13, 2003

The Shameless Antagonist’s Presidential Prayer Team Advice: Pray For a New President

The website of “The Presidential Prayer Team”, ( is featuring some interesting merchandise—just in time for Christmas, I might add. The Presidential Prayer Team is a pseudo-ecumenical organization formed for the sake of praying for the President (and implying that George W. Bush is God’s chosen one. Its founder believes that his decision to go to war was divinely inspired).

This month’s featured product is a Ron DiCianni lithograph. As Dubya bows his head reverently at the podium, it’s nice to know the ghosts of Lincoln and Washington and there praying beside him…

“This numbered collector's lithograph titled "Praying for Peace," by Ron DiCianni, features two of our best-loved Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, praying on each side of President Bush. It dramatically reminds us of the importance and power of prayer for our leaders. Only 2,500 prints in the series”.

This stunning work of art can be seen by checking out the PPT’s odious website, where God has become a footsoldier for the GOP.

This is a limited edition lithograph, so act now. At forty bucks a pop, these suckers must be flying off the shelves!

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