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Monday, January 26, 2004

Joe Lieberman: The Turd in the Democratic Party Punchbowl

Just who does Lieberman represent in the Democratic party anyway? Is there any democrat in the United States other than Lieberman who takes Bush at his word about WMD? This is what Joe had to say the other day to CNN about Kay's WMD revelations:

"The fact that David Kay now says they weren't there doesn't say [Iraq] never had them."

CNN also reported that "...Lieberman touted his support for the Iraq war as a sign he is prepared to be tough on national security efforts".

Senator Lieberman also quipped,
"For me, Saddam Hussein was the weapon of mass destruction."

Switch parties, Joe, and save yourself from continued scorn and derision.

No wonder Bush won the last election...He had his man bringing us down from the inside.

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