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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Do Homosexuals Threaten Your Marriage?

President Bush and Proponents of the proposed amendment to the consitution consider Gay marriage a threat to conventional man-woman unions. In Bush's own words, the marriage of homosexuals could lead to "role confusion". To the first lady, the notion of gay marriage is "bizarre".

As for myself, I've never once felt that homosexuals have ever threatened my marriage...Even if I would have had twice as many potential spouses back then ( i.e., if I could have married a man), I still would have married the same person...Maybe those in favor of the consitutional amendment are afraid they might be tempted to "switch teams" unless drastic action is taken...Is gay marriage a threat to your marriage?

It should be noted that not all conservatives ascribe the president's bigoted, antediluvian views on this issue. I followed a link from Atrios to the following news article:

"...On most matters, Lorence Wenke is a staunch conservative. The 58-year-old state representative from Richland Township opposes abortion and gun control. He backs small government and tax cuts.

A member of a fundamentalist church, he includes a verse of Scripture on his business card and participates in a Bible-study group for state legislators.

One would be hard-pressed to find a more unlikely advocate for gay rights.

Yet Wenke plans to be one of perhaps only two House Republicans voting against putting on the November ballot a Marriage Protection Amendment, which would change Michigan's constitution to ban gay marriage.

And he is opposing the bill, he said, out of a long-held and deeply felt belief that discrimination against homosexuals violates democratic principles and his Christian values...".

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