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Thursday, February 26, 2004

I'm The Real Jesus...

Hey Kids! Play the Shameless Antagonist's New Game...Find The Real Jesus. is it...

A. Black Jesus

B. Gun-Toting Action Jesus

C. Mullet Jesus

Submit your answers below! Those who believe they "know" Jesus will receive Eternal Salvation, and I'll throw in a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni for finding him here rather than through earnest soul-searching.

Of course, you could just watch Mel's movie--trust him--he'll tell you exactly how you should think of Jesus.

Almost a century ago, a Hindu lawyer looked at the life of Jesus and formulated a philosophy of passive resistance that forced the English Empire out of India without a single shot fired; a similar reading of the life of Christ led to the American civil rights movement and the nonviolence of Martin Luther King Jr.. In 2004, the same man's life is used as the backdrop for Mel Gibson's sadistic fantasies. Christ has become the platform for the further desensitization of Americans to violence. Sure, the death of Jesus was a violent affair, but Gibson would rather dwell on the scars than the healing...I guess what you get out of the story of Christ's life is determined by what you bring to it...Call it a reader-response theory of Christianity. The best review I've read is by Rick Growen of The Globe and Mail.

"...Still, the controversy turns out to have done Gibson a huge favour. It appears to have blinded many to the picture's far more provable faults, especially to its close-up deification of Christ's flagellated body — the word made flesh, the flesh made yucky. Looking to heaven, Mel Gibson has made a movie about the God of Love, and produced two hours of non-stop violence. We can only pray that next time, looking to Mars, he'll make a movie about the God of Violence, and produce two hours of non-stop love. That might be porn worth paying for".

Find Mel's Jesus

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