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Friday, February 20, 2004

This Is Not America...

Here's the latest from Guantanamo Bay, as reported by the Guardian, Britain's top independent newspaper...

"Among those detained were nine British nationals, captured in Afghanistan or Pakistan by the US or its allies, who were wheeled in on trolleys, blindfolded and manacled, wearing orange jumpsuits.

The Britons were sometimes locked up for 24 hours a day, seeing nothing apart from the cramped cells in which they were kept, a small exercise yard and the American interrogators who questioned them without any legal restriction...The US courts have until now refused to intervene, arguing that Guantanamo Bay, a 45-mile stretch of Cuba held by the US, is not American soil and not covered by US laws.".

Welcome to Guantanamo Bay: Where American control is supreme, and American principles do not apply, nor does the Geneva convention or any U.N. convention, for that matter. We are now a "might makes right" country.

How long must we have a government which violates the very principles of our constitution?

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