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Saturday, June 26, 2004

The Only Way We'll Win

...Convince our allies in NATO and other nations to help us restore order in Iraq.

What chance does the Bush administration have of pulling this off?

Slim and none.

The reasons for this are too many to count, but I'll mention a few.

1. It would be political suicide for any head of state to show support for the Bush Regime.
2. The U.S. has already squandered its bargaining chips in the process of convincing other nations to join the "coalition of the willing".
3. The men of the Bush cabal are ideologically opposed to the constraints imposed by multilateralism. They want to call all the shots.
4. Oil revenues and no-bid contracts. There is a contractual obligation to 'keep it in the family'.
5. Our current cozy relationship with the Ariel Sharon Regime in Israel. As long as we're so clearly in bed with Israeli conservatives, we'll have a hard time getting Arab nations on board in regards to Iraq.
6. Prominent Republicans continue to defect from the Bush ranks. The first was Paul O'Neil, the latest was Lee Iacocca. If you can't lead your own party, you can't lead the nation in a time of war.
7. Show me a world leader other than Tony Blair that isn't openly skeptical about Bush's justification for starting the war.
8. Abu Ghraib.
9. Guantanamo.
10. The Bush Administration's open disdain for the Geneva convention. They don't want to see their soliders tortured by insurgents the way we torture Iraqis.

The President is positioning himself for the election. He wants to convey the image of a strong, resolute president--"someone who means what he says and says what he means". Some might call it "predictable stupidity", but it is the right track to take politically.

In the next few months, his tactic will be to co-opt the more unilateral approach from Kerry prior to the election. He'll attempt to convey himself as a leader willing to work with Iraqi authorities and other nations to bring the war to a swift conclusion.

It's the only way to "win", but it's pretty clear that this man couldn't pull it off.

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