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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I Support The Conscientious Objectors

Every war has war criminals. Because United States troops have been involved in battles all around the world almost perpetually since WWII, it's not surprising that many documented cases exist of U.S. soldiers committing war crimes and atrocities as defined by the Geneva Convention.

Those who would argue that we must "support our country, right or wrong" are in denial about this fact. When forced to consider the true nature of warfare, and the inevitable loss of innocent life they adopt one of the following defense mechanisms:

1. Alberto Gonzalez, our pro-torture A.G. appointee, is on record referring to the Geneva conventions as "quaint". If you don't accept the definition of war crimes, war crimes can't take place.

2. Shoot the messenger. If a war crime takes place, and nobody hears about it, does it really occur? Their rationale is that loyalty trumps truth and justice.

3. It's excusable because the end justifies the means.

This is my message to the "My Country Right Or Wrong" crowd. Your faulty understanding gives more aid and comfort to the enemy than a thosand Jane Fondas. Your blind, deaf and stupid loyalty makes such abuses possible, and fuels the fires of anti-Americanism. Osama BinLaden could ask for no better recruiting tool than our president and his followers.

"My Country, Right or Wrong" Then:

Image from Vietnam's War Remnants Museum
Did this photo terrify the Viet Cong, or infuriate them?

"My Country, Right or Wrong" Now:

The US Marine Corps launched an investigation into possible war crimes last night after video footage taken inside a mosque in Fallujah apparently showed a Marine shooting dead an unarmed Iraqi insurgent who had been taken prisoner.

Full Article:

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