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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kerry May Have Conceded, But I Haven't

The evidence is mounting, and even mainsteam media outlets are starting to take an interest. There are thousands alarming abnormalities in the vote tallying in Florida and Ohio, and Democratic legislators are demanding action. It's time to put toes to the fire.

Project censored award-winning investigative journalist Thom Hartmann dug into the voting mess in Florida and found something interesting:

In Baker County, for example, with 12,887 registered voters, 69.3% of them Democrats and 24.3% of them Republicans, the vote was only 2,180 for Kerry and 7,738 for Bush, the opposite of what is seen everywhere else in the country where registered Democrats largely voted for Kerry.

In Dixie County, with 9,676 registered voters, 77.5% of them Democrats and a mere 15% registered as Republicans, only 1,959 people voted for Kerry, but 4,433 voted for Bush.

The pattern repeats over and over again - but only in the counties where optical scanners were used. Franklin County, 77.3% registered Democrats, went 58.5% for Bush. Holmes County, 72.7% registered Democrats, went 77.25% for Bush.

Air America diva Randi Rhodes has found similar results in Ohio, and has been justifiably apoplectic about what she's found.

Perhaps the best site for information on the evolution of this scandal is the Brad Blog.

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