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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Message From An Iraq War Veteran From Operation Truth

...From the very start I knew that this was the wrong place for us to be. I mean the people just were not cool with us being there. They let you know to. Rock throwing and middle fingers by day and then mortar and rocket fire by night. I kept thinking, What did I ever do to you? No soldier over there gives a fuck about a mission. If they tell you they do, they are lying. I fought and survived to see my family and make sure my boys were O.K. I was completely selfish and have no regrets about it. Really, Iraq is not my business, It is the business of politicians. If those politicians care so much about Iraq, then send their sons over there. Only poor people die in wars. That is how it has always been, always will be. Bush makes me so mad because he has turned our great nation into a joke. Why aren't his daughters in fallujah? Why is every word out of his mouth a lie?I had to bite my tounge for four years because service members are not allowed to bad mouth their commander in chief. Well I am out of the service now and I just do not give a fuck. I will tell Bush to his face that he is a punk and that he is on a course that will bring our nation to an catostropic end. Stop Loss and IRR call up do not mean shit to me. I will sit in jail for ten years before I spen a year in Iraq. At least I know what i will be doing my time for. I have nothing to prove to anyone and really do not give a fuck in general. Iraq has made me bitter and mad all the time. I used to be pretty laid back,shy and quiet. Now I am eaisly angered and ready for anything to go down. The Va says I have PTSD and prescribed me some medicine but I tossed that shit in the trash. I have never been the mental, group therapy type. I just cannot see myself sitting in a circle, talking over my problems. Might work for some, sounds pretty stupid to me. It just is not cool to be a Veteran in 2004. I mean I have a decent full time job and my family still does not have health care. After all I did for this country. I am a nobody now and it sucks.

-Nobody's Hero

You're a hero to me, nobody. Thank you for having the courage to tell your story.

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