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Monday, January 10, 2005

Children Praying To A Republican God

The Presidential Prayer Team is a nominally bipartisan organization that believes in the necessity of praying for our national leaders. Philisophically, this is a notion most Americans can support. However, a careful look at the prayerful support children are led to provide reveals a decidedly conservative slant on the role of the almighty in human affairs:

The Presidential Prayer Team kids are encouraged to pray for the following government officials this week: Bill Frist, Dennis Hastert, and Tom DeLay. While I believe that these men could benefit from divine intervention in their decisionmaking processes, it's interesting to note that children are rarely urged to pray for Democrats. Is there a subtle agenda here to equivocate God with Republican leadership? You be the judge.

In international affairs, the Prayer Team is encouraged to adopt a myopic mindset in which the only organization given credit for helping with the Tsunami relief effort is the U.S. military:

Did you know that over 14,000 American military troops have been dispatched to help in the Bay of Bengal? They are bringing medical help as well as providing much needed supplies like water, food and shelter. So pray for them to be strengthened and encouraged and kept safe as they help. Pray that God's love and provision will be seen through their actions. And be sure to pray for the troops who continue to serve in Iraq. They still need our prayers as much as ever!

The Presidential Prayer Team For Kids

There isn't any mention of the U.N., World Vision, or any other humanitarian organization helping with the relief effort, nor is there any link to sites that provide aid to those helping relieve suffering. What would Jesus do?

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