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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Gonzales: Too Forgetful To Be Attorney General

Alberto Gonzales will be the new Attorney General of the now officially Pro-Torture United States. Perhaps there is still some legal mechanism for preventing him from assuming his post.

His senate hearing testimony made evidently clear that Gonzales is not a well man. Democratic senators should immediately demand the release of his medical records. Gonzales appears to be a man whose discombobulated mental faculties could be a danger to himself and others.

From Ted Kennedy's response to the Gonzales testimony:

...Yet Mr. Gonzales refuses to tell us anything about how the Bybee-Gonzales Memorandum was written and why he ordered it. We know from press reports that the C.I.A. asked him for advice on how far the agency could go in interrogating detainees. In July 2002, he held meetings with other Administration officials to discuss how to legally justify certain interrogation methods. He refuses to tell us anything about those meetings.

He says he can't remember
what specific interrogation methods were discussed.

He can't remember who asked for the Justice Department's legal advice in the first place.

He can't remember whether he made any suggestions to the Department on the drafting of the Bybee- Gonzales Memorandum, although he admits that "it would not be unusual" for his office to have done so.

He doesn't know how the memo was forwarded to the Defense Department and became part of its "Working Group Report" in April 2003, which was used to justify the new interrogation practices at Guantanamo. Those practices, in turn, to use the obscure word resorted to by the Administration, somehow "migrated" to U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as if no human hand had been involved in the dissemination.

Read About Gonzales

If Gonzales can forget such crucial details, one could certainly imagine him leaving a pet in a locked car on a hot sunny day, or driving off with the babyseat on the hood of the car. Do we really want such a man as A.G.?

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