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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Down With Torture Guy

Please take the time to call your congressman and encourage him/her to vote against the nomination of Alberto Gonzales. The Democrats on the judiciary committee voted unanimously against his nomination, and we need to send the message that our country shouldn't adopt the tactics of our enemies by condoning torture. With Gonzales as A.G., we would be doing exactly that.

Act Now!

Here is the Alberto Gonzales record courtesy of PFAW:

As counsel to the President, Alberto Gonzales has been a prime advocate for new and dangerous presidential powers as well as greater Executive Branch secrecy, part of an effort to shield the Bush administration's claims from review by Congress and the courts.

He helped craft and defend the Bush administration's policy of detaining "enemy combatants," including U.S. citizens, without charges, counsel or judicial review. By an 8-1 majority, the Supreme Court concluded that this policy violates basic constitutional principles.

He was a key architect behind the creation of military commissions that sidestep U.S. criminal law, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the laws of war.

He has urged President Bush to reject warnings from U.S. military leaders and instead loosen restrictions and definitions of torture, in the process unraveling six decades of U.S. leadership on human rights.

He has been the White House point-person in the President's ongoing effort to pack the federal judiciary with far-right judges.

He carelessly mishandled his solemn responsibility to advise then-Governor Bush on clemency applications from inmates awaiting execution, repeatedly leaving out crucial information that literally may have saved a life (e.g. failing to note that the defendant was mentally ill or that the defendant's lawyer slept through the trial).

Alberto Gonzales should not be the Attorney General of the United States of America.

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