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Monday, April 18, 2005

Good News From Iraq!

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Sean Hannity of Fox News interviewed Condi Rice yesterday, painting a pretty picture of the war.

Let's talk about, you know, earlier this week, there had been so much good news coming out of Iraq. The insurgency, especially after the elections, had almost dropped off the map. There was talk earlier this week also of the possibility our troops can come home much earlier.

Things look pretty good from the plush chairs in the news studio, but how does Peter Cockburn see it from Mosul?

At least 17 Iraqis were killed during the day and two US soldiers were reported dead after a series of attacks.

Ironically, one reason why Washington can persuade the outside world that its venture in Iraq is finally coming right is that it is too dangerous for reporters to travel outside Baghdad or stray far from their hotels in the capital. The threat to all foreigners was underlined last week when an American contractor was snatched by kidnappers.

When I was travelling in the northern city of Mosul this week, my guards ­ Kurdish members of the Iraqi National Guard ­ said it was too dangerous for them to travel with me in uniform in official vehicles. They donned Arab gowns, hid their weapons and drove through the city in a civilian car.

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