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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Bottom Line on Rovegate:

Via the bombastic and crass yet loveable Bartcop:

Bart, what law or laws did Rove break by referring to Valerie Plame?
Did you know that she wasn't a covert agent?

Carson, I'm not a lawyer.
I don't know if Rove committed a crime, but I know he lied,
I know Bush lied and I know Scotty McClellan lies every day.

For two years, they said, "We're not involved."
Then, after getting caught, they changed that to, "It's not really a crime."
If it's not a crime, why lie and hide the facts that aren't crimes?

It's like Karl Rove robbed the bank, then after getting caught, they claim
the money he stole was counterfeit - proving he's an honest man.
No, honest men don't rob the bank and then lie about it..

This is the bottom line in this whole sordid affair. This administration told a baldfaced lie to the American people, and they got caught. Aside from the 30% of Americans who would believe anything the president if he said he could lay golden eggs, the vast majority aren't buying it.

The only strategy left for this Administration is a distraction ploy...I predict a major "crisis" this week if the Roberts nomination doesn't push Rove from the front pages.

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