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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Blame Game: A Primer

Sweet Bejeebus, I love a good rant now and then. Thanks, ChrisSal:

"John McCain whuppin' yer ass in the primaries? Organize a push poll in South Carolina saying he's insane and has a black baby. Not good enough? Go after his wife, too, for her painkiller addiction.

Hans Blix and UNSCOM getting in the way of your war? Declare UNSCOM irrelevant and claim Blix is tainted and senile. Not good enough? Claim they were paid off by Saddam Hussein.

Get the answers you don't want from a fact finding mission? Call the Ambassador a 'partisan hack' and 'inexperienced' despite being the last Ambassador to Iraq, being hailed as a hero by Bush the Smarter, and working the Africa desk in the State Dept. for almost a decade. Not good enough? Go after his wife, too, and destroy a CIA front company that was tracking WMD proliferation among rogue states.

Army General tell you that your war plan sucks? Ask for her resignation (Shinseki) and then surround yourself with 'yes men'.

Your opponent in the election giving you fits? Slander his service record and mock his purple hearts by distributing 'band-aids' at the RNC. When people point out you avoided service...go after his wife, saying she's crazy.

The anti-terrorism czar testify that you didn't care about al Qaeda before 9/11? Call him a partisan hack and distort his words beyond recognition.

Need to pick up a couple House Seats? Launder money through the RNC, compare your opponent (a triple-amputee veteran) to Osama bin Laden, and manipulate the vote in critical counties.

Memos surface questioning your TANG service? Claim they are forgeries and nit-pick the typeface. Again, claim the author is a partisan hack.

Again these claims of 'partisan hack' and 'Democratic operative' are being dragged out of the Bushies closet to discredit another bearer of bad news, Ronnie Earle".

Read it all here:

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