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Friday, October 21, 2005

Wait and See: The Indictment Gold Standard

Every administration has its scandals. With an administration as large as the executive branch of the United States, even if we elected Jesus Christ, there would be allegations of corruption. St. Peter would've perjured himself, Judas would have been convicted for his thirteen pieces of silver, and St. Thomas would've been accused of perversion for touching Christ's wounds.

The question, for me, isn't "are there scandals in the Bush Administration", but rather, "are there indictments as a result of these scandals"?

The answer to this question is "yes".

Remember when President Bush promised to "restore integrity to the White House"?

Now, it appears that this is the most scandal-plagued administration in modern American history--judging by the number of these scandals that are rapidly transforming into criminal indictments.

Tom DeLay has been indicted, and there are rumours that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is moving forward with as many as 22 indictments in the Plamegate scandal.
Bloomberg reported yesterday that the arrest of David Safavian and the widening investigation of the alleged underhanded dealings of Jack Abramoff are making Republican congressmen nervous.

Run-of-the-mill Repbulicans will probably counter by citing the scandals of the Clinton years, which pale by comparision, both in number and importance. How many of those scandals resulted in indictments of top Clinton Administration officials? How many of them led to our young men and women dying in a foreign country?

Let's compare, shall we?

Here's Will Pitt's list of scandals during the Bush Regime:

Read It:

Here is a list of Clinton scandals A-Z from Rush Limbaugh online:

Read It:

To help put things into perspective, here's the latest political scandal in Canada. Yes, this is front page news:

Ontario's Finance Minister Dwight Duncan came under fire yesterday over a $49,000 European trip with four government officials that charged taxpayers for candy bars and $70 steak dinners.

Opposition Conservatives railed against what they called Liberal hypocrisy and David Dingwall-type chiselling of the taxpayer over the expensing by a bureaucrat of a Twix, a Tutti Fruity, a can of pop, almonds and a magazine.

"All Liberals seem to read from the same book: the David Dingwall ratcheting up of expenses," said Tory energy critic John Yakabuski, referring to the former head of Canada's Mint whose $747,000 in expenses reportedly included a pack of gum.

Duncan admitted the trip was expensive, but said he had nothing to do with the claims for pop and candy.

"It was neither myself nor a member of my political staff that expensed it, nor did we authorize it, nor was I aware of it," said Duncan. "I don't condone it."

Read It:

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