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Monday, December 15, 2003

Give 'Em the Bird!

I remember my Uncle, a veteran of fierce fighting in the South Pacific in WWII, proudly proclaiming, "Americans don't start wars...We finish 'em".

We don't live in that America anymore, Uncle Harry...I wonder what he'd have to say about President Bush if he were still with us.

The wisest Senator in America today is Robert Byrd. Do you notice that none of his detractors are attacking his logic, but instead impugn his character and congressional record? What does it say about a party when they don't even want to discuss their policies?

Democrats and their strategic allies need to follow the lead of Senator Bird and point how the cornerstone of Bush Administration policy violates fundamental principles of American democracy. In the latest edition of the Nation, Byrd boldy attacks the Bush Administration policy of pre-emption...

"The roots of this travesty can be traced directly back to the President's doctrine of pre-emption, that cockeyed notion that the United States can pre-emptively attack any nation that for whatever reason may--may!--appear to pose a threat in the future. Not only is the doctrine of pre-emption a radical departure from the traditional doctrine of self-defense but it is also a destabilizing influence on world affairs. The Bush doctrine of pre-emption is a dangerous precedent. The Bush doctrine of pre-emption is a reckless policy. The rising tide of anti-Americanism across the globe is directly attributable to the fear and distrust engendered by this Bush doctrine of pre-emption.

Yet too many Americans are willing--yes, even eager--to swallow the Administration line on pre-emption without examining it, without questioning it, without challenging it".

Cynics may argue that the majority of Americans are too dense or superficial to understand the implications of public policy, but the nation was smart enough to not elect Dubya by popular vote, and given those odds, I'm willing to stack the power of truth, passion, and dialogue against conservative wads of cash and deceptive rhetoric.

Don't get angry; just give 'em the Byrd. Remind them what we stand for as Americans.

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