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Monday, January 12, 2004

Watch the Paper Trail

The Bush Administration has been stung by Paul O'Neil's assertion that the Bush regime began planning the invasion of Iraq in the first few days of the administration. In response, senior officials are claiming that O'Neil is a 'sour grapes' former employee with an axe to grind.

That may be true, but the fact is, O'Neil's account is well-documented in "The Price of Loyalty" by pulitzer prizewinning Wall Street Journal reporter Ron Suskind.

You can't explain away the proponderance of evidence. According to the AP, "...In addition to interviews with O'Neill, Suskind drew on 19,000 documents O'Neill provided, according to CBS, which said Suskind also interviewed dozens of Bush insiders to flesh out his account of the administration's first two years".

Will 19,000 documents from the most right-wing treasury secretary in the history of the United States be enough to convince people this president deceived us into launching a preemptive attack?

Does it matter to republicans that we were deceived into a war that has resulted in the deaths of 500 U.S. soldiers so far?

Retired General and Republican Anthony Zinni has also been an outspoken critic of the Bush administration's war campaign.
How many prominent Republicans have to fall off the Bush bandwagon before people take notice?

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