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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A Damning Indictment

After viewing 9-11 twice and reading many reviews pro/con, I believe that Michael Moore has led his ideological opponents into a trap. His detractors are currently complaining about the quality of the cheese in the trap and not watching their heads for that sharp metal bar.

Moore makes several assertions that his detractors have pounced upon, to their own undoing. First of all, he asserts that the Bush family has benefitted from Saudi patronage to the tune of 1.4 billion.

Ludicrous, his detractors say. There is no way that the Saudis could have given that much to the Bush family--and besides, that's over a period of many years...The lounder the objection to the statistic, the more relevant the claim.

See how it works? The charge can't be dismissed categorically. The Saudis have given gobs and gobs of money to the Bush family and its associates over the years, and in the process of addressing the 1.4 billion figure, detractors have to resort to citing a lesser figure, which wouldn't discount the theory that the Saudis have given gobs and gobs of money to the Bush family and its associates. In fact, considering the anticipated backlash, it's possible Moore underestimated the patronage of the Saudis.

I guarantee you that you will never see a republican quote an actual figure of how much the Saudis have contributed to the Bush family and its associates.

So what is the default approach...Moore is a LIAR! Boycott his film!

The film was a damning indictment of the president and the media that turned a blind eye to his incompetence. I remember being dismissed as a conspiracy theorist when I first argued that Bush did nothing for seven minutes after being informed that the second tower was struck.

My advice to Moore detractors is to watch your backs. Like a successful chess player, Moore plans a move ahead. In the future, I will come to the aid of Mr. Moore and eviscerate other so-called journalists in the same manner I bitch-slapped the preposterous Christopher Hitchens in a recent rant.

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