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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Taking on Diplomad

Michael Roston at Looking For Someone To Lie To Me absolutely eviscerates the disinformation machine that is Diplomad in a brilliant post (go to the post to see the hyperlinks):

Diplomad may be lying, but the pictures don't, and the UN wouldn't dare issue press releases telling us what they were doing if it was all untrue - not in this environment. Here's UNICEF in India, in Indonesia, and the boss-lady herself detailing what they're doing in Sri Lanka. Here's the World Food Program in Sri Lanka, and from all appearances they can't operate in Indonesia for the reasons I articulated above. And here's the WHO's account of their work to date in the region at disease containment. You see, the problem with Diplomad is that they look at the work of diplomats from the UN, and they know too well from personal experience that the work of diplomats isn't much, and ignore the work of the UN's ground-pounders who are legion and doing all they can.

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