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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Shameless Antagonist's Privatization Smackdown

There are two reasons I'm fighting the effort to privatize Social Security: It's evil and it's disingenuous. Those who support it thinking that the Bush plan will help save Social Security either haven't thought it through yet, or are gullible dupes. The attempt to privatize Social Security is a thinly-veiled crusade to destroy it. Consider what happened at Drexel University, for example:

As the Drexel Democrats and their coalition or approximately 50 began to chant "hey hey, ho ho, Senator Santorum has got to go," the College Republicans chanted what could be described as either a huge gaffe, or, even better, the truth.

"Hey hey, ho ho, Social Security has got to go!"

If I'm not mistaken, Senator Santorum came to Drexel to talk about Social Security "reform" that would lead to the program's solvency. Granted, his plan would lead to the total destruction of the Social Security system, but generally, that's not something the republicans want to go around and chant.


Did I say disingenuous? Evil? I'm not backing down a bit on those claims. They know their true aims could never stand the light of day, so they attempt to deceive us. They want your Social Security money, AND your precious red slippers. The man who came to the White House claiming to be a "uniter and not a divider" has no qualms about sending his flying monkey minions out with their grubby little fists full of race cards: . Here's a misleading advertisement from BAMPAC, Alan Keyes' PAC:

Of course, you'll run across Keyes on FOX and CNN praising the plan to the skies, but will you hear the NAACP Washington bureau chief say, as she has recently,that the president's plan is extremely dangerous for African Americans?

There is absolutely no lie or deceptive tactic the folks behind the effort to destroy Social Security won't use. Race-baiting doesn't work? How 'bout gay-baiting? They expect the media to go along for a ride, which they seem all too willing to do. It's shameful that the president has once again enlisted the vermin behind the swift boat liars to produce ads like this, which appeared in the American Spectator:

Yep, you've got that 'unitin' and not dividin' thing down, guys'. First, the neocons attack Jimmy Carter and label him a traitor, and now they're gunning for the AARP. That's right. Those prune-munching, slacks-wearing, selfish enemies of freedom don't support the troops! I suppose if you believe that Jimmy Carter is a traitor, you'll believe anything.

Bill "Bet on Black" Bennett, that erstwhile moral scold, leads the neocon charge:

...Conservative radio host Bill Bennett and National Review editor Rich Lowry got the anti-AARP ball rolling on Bennett’s nationally syndicated program Monday morning:

BENNETT: "I talked to an old guy . . .and he said, 'I am so disgusted with my peer group' -- he called them 'my peer group,' 'my cohort,' these old people. He said, 'They get around … All they do when they get around is talk about ways to rip-off the government. Hey, you know about this program. No.'You know, they compare notes about ways to, you know, get more money. And he said, 'I’m thoroughly opposed to almost all this stuff.'But this is the mentality you’ve got now. AARP in some ways fuels this fire."

LOWRY: "Yeah, well, and I think anyone who’s a Republican and who’s remaining a member of the AARP is making a huge mistake, ‘cause you are just subsidizing an ideological and political assault on the president from that group. I understand a lot of people are members just ‘cause you get various, you know, benefits and you can sign up for insurance and all the rest of it, but you might as well belong to an arm of the DNC."

It’s not at all surprising that Bennett and Lowry neglected to mention that the AARP’s support was key to the GOP’s success in adding a Medicare prescription drug benefit, a benefit we now know will cost significantly more than originally advertised.

Well...We've used the race card, the patriotism card, the homo card...What's left? The age card...What Bennett and Lowry seem to be saying is that the Social Security system is in crisis, (it isn't), because of those greedy old bastards sitting around in their Buicks plotting ways to take money from the government. Of course, they fail to realize the irony of their comments, greedy bastards that they are.

Source: has taken the lead in cutting through the disinformation, We need to fight for this. Call your senators and congressmen. All able hands to the battlements! Start pouring the lead! The barbarians are at the gate.

If you want to compare and contrast what the Bush plan would mean to you, check out this benefits calculator, produced with the governement's own statistics, and provided by Fightin' Henry Reed, the new leader of the Senate Democrats.

Calculate Your Social Security Benefits Here
Thanks to Two Democrats In A Red State for the link

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