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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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Drusus (K. Christian McGuire) writes:

"When Communism invades a comminuty, it destroys free enterpirse by monoplizing goods, services, and employment.
It destroys free enterprise by creating a monopoly which provides food, clothing and other goods once supplied by privately owned small businesses. The people in turn are forced to work for that monopoly at a wage at or near poverty. Their choices are limited to the cheaply made goods provided by other communist manufacturers through their employer. These products are purchased by their low wage earnings thereby giving the people no chance to succeed. The only ones who profit are the few lucky leaders who apply a miniscule fraction of their earnings to their propaganda machine which encourages people that submitting to their system is the Patriotic thing to do.
Wait, did I say Communism? I meant WalMart.

WalMart - Always low wages. Always.
Don't let our Troops die for WalMart.
Free Enterprise depends on you Boycotting WalMart".

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