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Thursday, April 21, 2005

John Bolton's Nemesis

My old friend Aaron Knight, Executive VP of Citizens for Global Solutions is the Anti-Bolton. For years now, he's fought for "a future in which nations work together to abolish war, protect our rights and freedoms, and solve problems facing humanity that no nations can solve alone", as the organization's mission statement declares.

John Bolton, on the other hand, believes in premptive war, unilateral solutions, subterfuge, and deceit. Consider the following clip from CGS:

Watch It Here:

You might think that a belief in the efficacy of diplomacy would be a prerequisite for being a diplomat...Not in George Bush's America.

Considering that Condi is the head of state, and Wolfowitz is the head of the World Bank, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that a government that rose to power with a distinctly anti-government message can do nothing but destroy the institutions it claims to lead. How much more proof do you need that these people have nothing constructive to offer? How much further do we need to go into debt? How many more soldiers and civilians need to die needlessly?

If you'd like to see Aaron's vision become a reality, please visit Citizens for Global Solutions and get involved.

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