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Monday, November 14, 2005

Behold! The Mighty Stevodamus Will Now Predict The Future!

I've consulted with the oracles of Delphi, dissected squirrels and read their entrails, and consulted my crystal ball.

Here is the prediction of the infallible Stevodamus:

President Bush will travel to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska today. He will speak before a captive audience of American troops who cannot challenge his dubious assertions.

This is what he will claim:

Bush will claim that Saddam Hussein had a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hand, and that he was a grave threat to our security.

Furthermore, the oracles inform me, he will claim that more than a hundred Democrats in the House and the Senate, who had access to the same intelligence, voted to support removing Saddam Hussein from power.

In other words, the president will lie to us yet again.

In Sept. 2002 congress passed a resolution giving Bush the flexibility to take action against Iraq militarily if necessary.

"He made it repeatedly clear that this resolution is not intended as a declaration of war; it is not intended as an immediate prior step to aggression," Rep. John McHugh, R-N.Y., said after he and eight other lawmakers met with Bush prior to the vote.

Did the lawmakers have the "same intelligence" as the Bush Administration prior to the vote?

...Only if you interpret "same intelligence" to mean that some of the congressmen who voted for the resolution are as dumb as the president.

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