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Monday, February 06, 2006

Equatorial Guinea Watch

Really strange news reported by the Chinese News Agency, Xinahua:

Fifteen Belgian armored vehicles are lost in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa, together with radio equipment and field kitchens, local radio VRT reported on Friday.

The equipment was meant for a Beninese battalion supervising the free election process in Congo, the report said.

Those expensive Belgian military equipment left the Belgian port for Congo in a ship under Ukrainian flag last December. However, the cargo ship never made it to its destination.

Four weeks ago the ship was seized in a port in Equatorial Guinea.

The four Beninese soldiers that were guarding the material were imprisoned in Equatorial Guinea while the expensive freight was taken off the ship.

A United Nations (UN) team is to set out to the area to inspect the convoy. It is feared however that the expensive material is stolen.

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