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Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Exit Strategy

From today's Star-Tribune, which, unlike CNN--a.k.a. the Sago Mine Channel--still reports about the war:

Five U.S. Marines were killed by small arms fire and roadside bombs this weekend, the military said today. And today a Black Hawk helicopter crashed, killing all 12 believed to be aboard

Read It:

Of course, I shouldn't worry. The president says we're not going to "cut and run", and that we're going to "finish the job" i.e., creating a free and democratic Iraq.

There's a lofty goal. Perhaps it could be accomplished by someone, say, a supernatural being with the power to time-travel, but not by you and your incompetent cronies.

What decisions have you made that would instill even an iota of confidence in your procecution of this war?

Here's my exit strategy. You exit the White House.

As soon as there is a Democratic majority in congress, we'll demand investigation after investigation culminating in a Pinochet treatment.

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