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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Representative From California Has The Floor

Watching Washington has a great post on the rise and fall of corrupt congressman Duke Cunningham(R-California). Here's a few highlights from the illustrious career of the representative via WW:

Oct 6, 1992: Cunningham makes the Washington Post's "Reliable Source" column by suggesting the liberal leadership of the House should be "lined up and shot.".

Oct. 9, 1992: The Los Angeles Times quotes Cunningham as urging President Bush to attack Bill Clinton's patriotism, telling him: "This is an issue that will kill Clinton when people realize what a traitor he is to this country. In some countries, if something like this came out, he would be tried as a traitor. Tokyo Rose had nothing over Clinton.".

Cunningham pleaded guilty to taking 2.4 million in bribes today.

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy...maybe you and DeLay can be roomies in prison.
Come to think of it, you might have lots of roomates to chose from...

Cunningham's announcement comes as the Justice Department continues to pursue its investigation into whether former Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff illegally influenced members of Congress and while Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas), the former majority leader, continues to battle charges in the Lone Star State that he illegally used corporate donations to influence statehouse races in 2002.

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