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Monday, November 28, 2005

The CIA Torture Diaries

From Der Spiegel:

But the highest-ranking al-Qaida members are apparently kept moving with a small group of CIA interrogation experts, like an invisible caravan, from one of the so-called black sites to another. Outrage over claims that some of these secret prisons may be located at former military bases in Eastern Europe triggered the Council of Europe's investigation.

Read It:

It may well be that the E.U. investigations will reveal that prisoners aren't being tortured in black sites across the world. Instead, the prisoners are tortured en route, and the planes stop at U.S. and foreign military bases to refuel, relax, and resupply.

It's possible that the torturers simply follow an intererary something like this:

Tuesday: Shackle and bind prisoners in stressful positions in cargo hold of Hercules transport. Retire to the airport lounge. Watch Oprah. Fly to Manizales, Columbia. Subject prisoners to repeated blows to abdomen and soles of feet. Arrive in Manizales, and share pitcher of margaritaas with colleages. Enjoy seafood by candlight on the beach. Wednesday: Meetings, mojitos, and bodysurfing.
Thursday: Fly to Swiniowice, Poland. Toruture detainees en route with electrodes. Watch Jerry Springer on AFN. Thursday-Sunday: Drink vodka and eat piroges. Watch bowl games. Monday: Back to the torture grind. Fly to Plovdiv, Bulgaria: waterboarding, stress positions, sexual humiliation. Tuesday: Onward to Incerlik, Turkey. More shocks, anal probing, AFN sitcoms, Kebabs, and Raki.

Like torturing in Guantamo Bay, torturing en route means that the authorities can avoid the legal ramifications and potential international incidents that go along with torture by proxy.

When the Democrats re-assume power in 2006, they should subpoena the records, emails, and directorates of Johnny Yoo, Alberto Gonzales, and Rummy to find out if this is indeed taking place.

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