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Monday, January 02, 2006

Could It Happen Here?

Dear God, I hope so...

Chilean police took fingerprints and mugs shots of Gen.Augusto Pinochet on Wednesday following his indictment for the killing and disappearance of nine dissidents during his dictatorship — the first time he has had to submit to a police booking.

Pablo Rodriguez, a lawyer for the 90-year-old ex-dictator who ruled Chile from 1973-90, called the procedure "an affront to a former President of the Republic."

But government spokesman Osvaldo Puccio said the booking of Pinochet "shows that in Chile all citizens are equal before the law."

Pinochet had been indicted and held under house arrest in other human rights in other legal cases against him, but had never been submitted to a police booking.

Read It:

After Senator Al Franken leads a "quickie impeachment" of Bush in 2007, what crimes will Augusto Bush stand trial for?

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