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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Alternative: Sara Dady

I'd love to think that our country's political situation will change change dramatically if we vote the republicans out of office in November's elections.

Unfortunately, as corrupt and venal the republican leadership is, the democrats in congress are hardly on the side of the common people. Instead, the national leadershp of the democratic party has positioned itself as "republican lite"; a less corrupt, less hawkish party catering to a slighty less affluent sector of the corporate world.

What's a progressive to do when the national democratic party fails to represent the values of the people it claims to represent?

Aside from resurrecting Paul Wellstone, our best option is to get involved; to take power back at the state and local levels.

My good friend Sara McMurry Dady is doing just that.

She's running a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 64A.

You can access Sara's website Here:

Even if you're not in Sara's district, Sara's reasoned, articulate approach to the concerns facing her district are worth a look.

She's a candidate worth supporting, and if you can, please do so.

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