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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Time To Fight

I'm dismayed, disgusted, and depressed by the legislative victories of the Bush Administration in the last few days. ANWAR will be opened up for drilling, we can expect more Mercury in our air, and the passage of an odious bankruptcy bill will blur the line between credit card companies and loan sharks. The future looks bleak on so many levels.

As I see it, we have two choices: We can piss and moan, or we can fight. I fully intend to give the rhetorical equivalent of a Belfast sixpack to anyone who attempts to take away my mother's social security; I pity the poor fool that attempts to weaken the Clean Water Act; my blogging will be tantamount to a pitbull on the pantleg of Bush Toady Norm Coleman's Senate career. I'm all about stickin' it to the man--but not in a Jeff Gannonesque sense.

Holding our leaders and the media accountable starts now, not on election day. Call your senators. Write letters. Organize. Turn your bummed out liberal friends into ornery,crotchety old bastards scrapping for a fight. Raise hell!

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