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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Billion Dollar Snipe Hunt: The Case of Sgt. Sherwood Baker

So Celeste Zappala has joined Cindy Sheehan in the West Arlington protest. Why is she there?

Imagine if your child went to Iraq as a member of the national guard. His specific responsibility was protecting the Iraq Survey Group, whose mission was to find the fabled Weapons of Mass Destruction, which formed the basis for our justification of invading Iraq.

How well did that go? First of all, presidential appointee chairman David Kay resigned, claiming that "we were all wrong and that is most disturbing" in his remarks to the Armed Services committee.

Kay was then replaced as head of the ISG by Charles Duelfer, whose final report to congress concluded that "Iraq had no deployable WMD of any kind as of March 2003 and had no production since 1991".

Remember, these guys were appointed by the administration and had the full cooperation of U.S. forces on the ground; they weren't sent by Michael Moore to make the president look bad.

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So how much did we spend to find out that the causus belli was a farce? One Billion Dollars, and thousands of lives, including that of Zappala's son, Sherwood Baker, sent on a fatal snipe hunt by a government that couldn't have cared less.

As President George W. Bush's motorcade sped
by, Celeste Zappala stood behind a police line, singing and waving a
cross bearing the name of her fallen son.

Zappala wanted to meet the commander in chief and ask him about his
rationale for starting the war against Iraq. Her son, Sgt. Sherwood
Baker, 30, died there last year.

"He literally was killed looking for the weapons of mass destruction
that never existed," she said, standing under the sweltering Texas sun
at a makeshift anti-war camp set up near President Bush's ranch.

So what noble cause did Sgt. Sherwood Baker die for, Mr. President? You can move the goalposts all you want, be he died in the hunt for WMDs that your administration now admits might never have existed.

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