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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Jeff Gannon's Big Daddy in the Press Corps: Les Kinsolving

Prostitute/Reporter Jeff Gannon, famed for lobbing softballs at Scotty MacClellan, didn't invent the slow-pitch question. The White House Press Corps has a long and illustrious history of bending over for Republican presidents.

Consider the case of longtime White House correspondent and AM hate radio host Les Kinsolving:

On his own website, Kinsolving shamelessly exposes his own sycophancy, proudly displaying a toadying, toothless repartee with President Reagan:

QUESTION: "Mr. President, will your crime commission investigate Bob Woodward's televised announcement that at the Washington Post there are 40 hardened users of cocaine?... or are you inclined to sluff off here -- because this explains a lot of what goes into the Washington Post?"
PRESIDENT REAGAN: "You're tempting me -- almost beyond my strength!"

Read It:

When Scotty runs into that rare and elusive creature known as a "real reporter", he calls on Les to provide a useless non-sequitur or spin the conversation toward the lunatic fringes of conservatism.

Like his apprentice Jeff Gannon, there is some latent honesty in Mr. Kinsolving's whoring. It's right there in the open for everyone to see. His website lists the questions he's asked at press conferences over the last four years.

Read it:

On Sept. 17th, 2001 in the president's first press conference since 9/11, Kinsolving asked the following question:

The Baltimore Sun reports that radio stations in Washington and Baltimore and elsewhere owned by Maryland multi-millionaire Kathy Hughes are, "broadcasting African-Americans either endorsing or excusing the acts of terrorists who took thousands of lives and who are expressing sympathy with both bin Laden and the Palestinians."

And my question is, does the President, who stated, we are at war, believe it would be wrong for the FCC, which already take action on pornography, to contact Mrs. Hughes? Or does the President believe we were wrong after another war to send to federal prison Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose?

Considering Kinsolving's history as a whore, the implications of his questions are pretty clear. It's time for us to crack down on internal dissent...People should watch what they say.

While Jeff Gannon left the press corps, Old Les still takes to the field, giving Scotty something to hit out of the park.

Fishbowl has more:

Read It:

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