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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The "No Fly List" List

According to the Transportation Security Administration, you can only end up on a no-fly list if you're already on the Terrorist Screening Center's (TSC) Terrorist Screening Center Database (TSDB). According to the F.B.I., "...only individuals who are known or appropriately suspected to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism are included in the TSDB".

If recent news headlines are any indication, it would seem that the selection of individuals for the No-Fly Lists have become politicized. It would be hard to imagine a granola-based terrorist attack originating from a peace activist's commune in San Francisco, or a stealth attack from the Kennedy compound, wouldn't it? With an estimated 30,000 individuals on the list, the scent wafting through the air is reminiscent of the stench of McCarthyism.

In an effort to document this phenomenon, I've started to compile a "No-Fly List List" of dubious groundings of people who are obviously not planning terrorist attacks against the United States. Their only crime is being critical of the Administration and the war--or perhaps having a name that sounds Muslim. I'd appreciate any amendments to the list.

The No-Fly List List

Jan Gordon- San Francisco Peace Activists
Rebecca Adams - San Francisco Peace Activists
Ted Kennedy - U.S. Senator
Randi Rhodes - Radio Talk Show Host
Jesselyn Radack, Department of Justice Ethics Advisor
James Moore, Author of Bush's Brain
John Lewis (D) U.S. Congressman
Dr. Robert Johnson- Veteran Opposed to the Iraq War
James W. Walter- political activist seeking an independent 9/11 commission.

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